Explorium Science Squad

explorium science squad

Explorium Science Squad

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Join us at the Explorium for a fun and hands-on learning experience. Every month during the school year we will spend an hour investigating a new topic, working as a team to discover something remarkable!

Classes meet at 4pm and are broken up into age groups. On Tuesdays, Budding Scientists (Ages 5 to 6) and their parents are invited to take on the fundamentals of scientific principles. Wednesday classes are for our more experienced Researchers (Ages 7 to 9), who will work together to dig deeper into the topics at hand.

Registration: Students can sign up for individual classes or the entire season. All registrations must be made at least one day in advance.

Cost per session: Resident $10; Non-resident $12.50

* Denotes that a parent must accompany their child to this program.


Astronaut Academy

Learn about the technology needed to overcome the extreme conditions astronauts face in space, then fuel up with a tasty space treat!

Time, Dates & Ages:

*Tues, Sep 7 at 4pm for ages 5-8

Wed, Sep 8 at 4pm for ages 9-12


Illuminating Investigations

Join us for a hair-raising display as we make indoor lightning and design a scribble bot to take home.

Time, Dates & Ages:

*Tues, Dec 7 at 4pm for ages 5-8

Wed, Dec 8 at 4pm for ages 9-12


Shake, Rattle & Roll

Come learn about the science behind earthquakes and take on tectonics with a building challenge.

Time, Dates & Ages:

*Tues, Oct 5 at 4pm for ages 5-8

Wed, Oct 6 at 4pm for ages 9-12



Soundwave Science

What exactly is sound? Come investigate this invisible energy and how we're able to detect it.

Time, Dates & Ages:

*Tues, Jan 11 at 4pm for ages 5-8

Wed, Jan 12 at 4pm for ages 9-12


Harvest Lab

Take a deeper look into the science behind our agricultural systems.

Time, Dates & Ages:

*Tues, Nov 2 at 4pm for ages 5-8

Wed, Nov 3 at 4pm for ages 9-12

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